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FOMO is the premier app to have all sporting events in your pocket.

  • Locate and sign-up for events
  • Find sporting events all in one place
  • Direct messaging between users

All Sports

FOMO helps you find main stream and obscure sports. Why try to keep up with event organizations when you can have all of them in your pocket?

  • Mainstream sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and more
  • Hobby sports like cycling, running, triathlons, adventure racing, obstacle races, and more
  • Martial Arts like mixed martial arts, BJJ, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and more
  • Less known sports like gymnastics, dodge ball, water sports, winter sports, power lifting, strongman, and more


  • FOMO gives sports enthusiasts a chance to buy or sell new/used equipment from one another. 
  • Get discounts from event organizations and sporting partners


Vetted Organizations

Find legitimate events from real organizations

  • Find events by professional event organizations
  • All events are licensed and organized
  • Strong vetting process to ensure safety standards
  • Organizations rated based on user feedback

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  • Sell Parts ($5/Item)

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  • Buy Parts/Gear
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  • Customize your Rigs
  • iCloud/Google Calendar Integration
  • Prioritized Customer Support

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